Unseal My lips

Unseal My Lips is another words of art from a person on the internet. She just bit skeptical a girl, finding her way through life. A little hard-headed, a , more compassionate and gentle if need be. It's complicated. But she is really open wide. If you'd like to leave a message, please leave it in comments, she'll see it.

She blogging about anything interesting in her life. One that got me interesting, the one that I do my best work if I'm giving it away. I took up sewing again because I was inspired by my friend. I made this dress, then I gave it to my mother. It look great on her. Then I made one for me, and it was too big. Figures! I think I'm going to make one more, and this time, I'll make it fit right too.

Unseal My Lips, actually didn't just Sealed Lips instead. It's about stories, all of the experiences on this blog; Unseal My Lips. A great blog to read anyway. Looking for arts, just like my blog, I can find it here, on