Tottenham 4-0 Liverpool

Tottenham were unstoppable against 9 men Liverpool and thrashed them 4-0 to move up to 11th spot. Although they had a comparatively bad start to the season but this performance must boost up their confidence.
Tottenham played some exquisite passing game that Liverpool had no chance to do anything throughout the game. With the center of the field controlled very much by Modric and Bale, Adebayor could get his name twice on the score sheet by the end of the 90th minute.
Modric gave them an early edge scoring off in just 7th minute . But it was a second yellow for Charlie Adams which I think was the turning point in the game.
Tottenham were down to 10 men and a goal down. A situation from where it was almost immpossible to recover.
But the situation got even worsened when skrtel was sent to make Liverpool down to 9 men. After that it opened so many spaces for Tottenham to get down to the goals.
First it was Defoe and then two strikes from Adebayor which finally made the score look so bad for Liverpool.
Even Daglish was smiling on this frustration after the end of 90th minute.
Tottenham now have proved that they still have quality to be in top 4 this season and this win will surely overshadow their loss to both the Manchester Clubs in August.

Man United Thrash Chelsea to continue on their thrill run

Manchester United continue on their dream and unbeaten run in Premier League when they thrash Chelsea for 3-1 in an exciting clash at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea are now two points clear to their Rivals Man City who were forced to share a point a piece by Fulham in an early game.
Manchester United started off the game on the positive note when Smalling gave them the 8th minute lead from a Set Piece. It was Young's delivery on the far post which founded Smalling's free header towards the back of the net.
Chelsea tried to fight back, tried so much , created so many chances but they were not able to find the strike which could make them equal to the Champions. They deeply missed a quality stiker. Ramires got a one-on-one chance with De Gea, but he could not convert the chance and it was wasted. But Manchester United were in a devastating mood. It was a clean strike from Nani just outside the 30 yard box for which Peter Cech had no answer. The score became 2-0 and Chelsea were struggling.
Just before the half time Rooney made it 3-0 with an easy strike inside the penalty spot. At half time the game was full finished and the scoreline was 3-0.
Chelsea started off the second half on a high note scoring a crucial goal within 40 secs of the game. It was a ray of hope for them. The game started to heat up and suddenly Chelsea were coming to their mood. They created so many chances, but missed all. Torres had a one-on-one situation where he beat the keeper as well, but still could not convert it to the back of the net in an open goal post.
Nani strike once again outside the box, but unfortunately it hit the post and after the rebound they got a penalty which Rooney missed completely after getting slipped during the penalty.
After this game Manchester United have 15 points in 5 games and are now clear two points against Manchester City who are on 13 points

Arsenal Lost after Yakubu's thrill

It was a question raised by the Venky's Blackburn for Arsene Wenger that do they still think that they are a Quality Lineup.
Their defense was all scattered and messed up when Blackburn kissed the net for four times in 90 minutes and taking away three valuable points.
Two of those 4 goals were own goals. Although Arsenal looked good towards the end, but it was too late.
After the first half Arsenal were leading the game by 2 goals to 1. The two newcomers: Gervinho and Arteta scoring for Arsenal. But In the second half they conceded three goals and were down to 4-2 in 80 minutes.
It was almost over for Arsenal when the substitue Chamakh scored and gave a ray of hope for Arsenal.
Robinson made a crucial save in the final minutes to get his team 3 points.
For Blackburn, it was Yakubu scoring two goals and the rest two goals were own goal scored by Song and Koscielny.
With this loss, Arsenal continue their miserable run and have managed to win just a single match out of 5 games and with this famous win, Blackburn move above Arsenal in the League Table with 4 points in 5 games.

Torres finally off the mark

Fernando Torres has finally scored his first goal for the Men in Blue in his 12th appearance for the club as Chelsea secured a 3-0 win over West Ham United and make their chances to win the title brighter.
Earlier in the evening, Manchester United won with a late goal from Hernandez, against Everton to have a 6 points clear lead against Chelsea.
Frank Lampard had given the Defending Champions a 44th minute lead which Torres doubled after coming in as a substitute and Malouda ompleted the win in the stoppage time winning them three valuable points and making the league still open.
Manchester might be having six points lead but they have yet to play Arsenal and Chelsea in the coming two game weeks. So it all depends on the coming two gameweeks as to who will win the title.
According the Ferguson, He says," we can win the title in the next two gameweeks after beating both Arsenal and Chelsea." Ferguson said," we have done it before and we can do it again."
"Manchester United have won last two games that they have played at Emirates and we can do it again."

Wenger thinks Arsenal can still win EPL

Looking at the current league table Manchester United are the current favorites with 6 points clear of Chelsea and Arsenal at the moment. But Arsene Wenger has some other thinking. He still thinks that if Arsenal can win all of their remaining games, they still can win the Title.
Arsenals were top of the table once in this EPL season, but Arsenal' manager Arsene Wenger blames Defenders for not making it as bad as hey are now at third position. He said ,"Its the defenders to be blamed for not being at the top of the table, but we can still manage to win the title if we can win all of our remaining games" in an interview.
No matter what happens next its Manchester United who are the current favorites with 6 points clear of Chelsea at the top of the table.