History of Arsenal

The History of Arsenal from 1966 to present day has many ups and down . They have won three doubles , One cup double and success in European football. They won their first European Trophy in 1969-70 , Their first league and FA cup double in 1970-71. But after that it was a bad decade for Arsenal when they lost three FA cup finals and a Cup Winners' Cup final on penalties. There only success during that period was when they won FA cup final in 1979-80 against Manchester United. After a bad decade they never looked back . They started winning regularly. Winning became their habit . They won the league cup in 1986-87, two league titles in 1988-89 and 1990-91,The FA cup and the league cup double in 1992-93, and a second European trophy, the Cup Winners' Cup, in 1993–94. In 1996 Arsène Wenger was appointed as a new coach of the team. Under him, Arsenal won a second league and cup double in 1997–98 and then a third in 2001–02. Moreover the club won in the 2002–03 and 2004–05 FA Cups, and won the Premier League in 2003–04 without losing a single match. This showed that Arsenal has a great future ahead. In 2005–06 became the first London club to reach the UEFA Champions League Final, but were beaten 2–1 by FC Barcelona. And now they are leading the premier league by a difference of 5 points . So all this shows the reputation of a great club, Arsenal.

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