Surprise News: Spurs agree on Manchester City's Bid for Berbatov

According to Sky Sports News, Manchester City has made a shock bid for Dimitar Berbatov which has been accepted by Spurs. Incredibly, Tottenham is reported to have made a bid in excess of £30 million. The massive transfer fee makes him the most expensive transfer signing in British history.

Man City manager Mark Hughes says that the transfer has been agreed with Spurs, but personal terms have to be worked out with Berbatov.

Man City are playing this season with the aim to qualify for the champions league and if this transfer completes, their dream can come true. They already have a great start to the season and it would add to their confidence with such a good striker coming into their club.

The audacious bid is a result of a shock buyout of Man City from an Abu Dhabi group that has paid £200 million. Thaksin Shinawatra has reportedly sold the club to Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development (ADUG). One of the chief aims by ADUG is to ensure that Man City qualifies for the Champions League at the end of the season, so the Berbatov signing would be perfect timing for City.

Despite the bid being accepted by Spurs, there’s still an opportunity for a counterbid to be made by cross-town rivals Manchester United or other clubs. However, it’s doubtful that United would be willing to match or beat Manchester City’s current bid in excess of £30 million. In these situations it would be a great loss to Manchester United. They had only one aim in this transfer season - to sign a good striker and that too will end in vain.

As far as the clubs are concerned, the spurs have agreed the bid given by Manchester City, only personal term are needed to be satisfied with Berbatov.