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Are you planning to go to any place around US in these holiday season? Are you thinking t go t such a place where you do not get any facility? Surely not. You must be planning to visit only those places around the US which offer as many facilities as possible. So whenever you think to or plan to go to any place f this beautiful US you always think of going to casinos. But there must be someone to guide you about the different casinos that are available in the city, which you are going to visit. Today I am going to tell you something about this feature of Casinos R Us is a guide to casino gambling in Las Vegas and on the Internet. If you are thinking about traveling to Vegas or any other place that has casinos this site will help you to make your travel arrangements. Hence you do not have to worry whether the desired place you are visiting has a casinos or not. Based on this help provided to you by casino guide, you can make your plans prior to visiting the place. You can book your slot for playing casino games. is also starting to review online casinos and internet casino software providers in 2008. Thus they are going to do much more in this field. And thus it will surely become one of the largest Casino Guide of US.