When Will EPL 2009 Start?

Welcome back to all the football fans here on EPL08. Well we know that the new season is going to start soon. Well actually no one knows the dates for the season to be held in the year 2009 but it is sure that the upcoming season will be more exciting than the season which has ended just now. Well my predictions for the next seasons is that Chelsea will be going to win 2009 season. I actually hoping that Chelsea to win the nest season. They have one of the best squads among all the English Clubs. So I powerfully feel that they have a great chance of winning the Upcoming season. Well they actually have the potential to win any cup of trophy. The most important thing is its when they click. Well Actually I don't know when the next season is starting from. So it would be great if someone can tell me by writing in my comments that when is it going to start?